We are Instructional Technology Specialists for Bellevue Public Schools and Apple Teachers too. We are passionate about integrating technology into the classroom.

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Jeff Bernadt
Before becoming an Instructional Technology Specialist for Bellevue, I was a Social Studies Teacher and member of the district’s iPad Academy. Getting better everyday is one of my core beliefs. Also, I am a husband, father of two boys and fan of all things Huskers and Royals.


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Jeanette Carlson
As an Instructional Technology Specialist I keep busy coaching teachers, training staff and supporting innovation in the classroom. Before this role I taught business education for 16 years. I have a BA in Business Education, and a MA in Instructional Technology. Besides my job, I enjoy reading, golfing, learning, grabbing coffee and running two kids to all their activities. My husband and I are also a couple of sports fanatics.


1_01-07-2016 13_19%5CP11Ann Feldmann
Along with being an Instructional Technology Specialist, I am an Apple Learning Specialist, Google Certified Educator, adjunct professor, and presenter at state, regional and national conferences.  I’m passionate about transforming and innovating teaching and learning with mobile technology. My motto is “Better Together”. In my spare time, I love go for long walks, play tennis, write, read, dabble in photography, bake and travel with my husband and four children.

Bellevue Public Schools Vision Statement

The vision of Bellevue Public Schools is to provide a comprehensive education designed to challenge each student and to instill the life skills necessary for personal success.

Instructional Technology Vision Statement

The vision of the Bellevue Public Schools Instructional Technology Team is to create an innovative culture of teaching and learning that prepares our students to be successful in today’s world.

Instructional Technology Mission Statement

Our mission is to train, teach, and support teachers and administrators to effectively integrate technology to create a culture of teaching and learning which meets the individual needs of all learners.



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