Fostering a Culture of Creation with Green Screen Videos

Our first green screen room in the district appeared back in 2014 at Lewis and Clark Middle School where retired Media Specialist, Pat Smith, had a vision for a creation space in the media center.

Since that time, hundreds of kids have been through what was fondly named Studio 3B to create projects using the green screen.

Now we have two more buildings with dedicated green screen spaces, Leonard Lawrence Elementary and Bellevue East High School.  

What can students do with a green screen? A green screen allows students to take creation to new levels by putting different backgrounds, both video and image, behind them as they speak. Students plan, write, create and edit the video projects. Video creation provides an opportunity for students to collaborate, create and problem-solve while trying to effectively communicate their message.

Getting started is simple. Here is what you need to get started?

Would be nice to have:

Once students create, they need a place to share their work. A slick and easy way is to share their projects with the app Seesaw. It is simple to set up and even easier for students to use. Once they share their video, their classmates can view and leave comments, both as text or audio. It is a powerful way to let students share their creations with their classmates, teachers and parents.

To learn more about how to use green screen in the classroom, check out Lisa Pack’s (@ilisapack) resources on her website at

Leave us a comment and share some of your green screen projects and ideas with us!

Written by Ann Feldmann and Jeff Bernadt
@annfeldmann1 and @jeffreybernadt

Connecting Parents to the Classroom

Communication plays such an important role in giving parents/guardians a look inside the classroom. Technology provides us with a variety of ways that teachers, administrators, coaches and sponsors can connect with family members and the community. Here are four of our favorite communication tools.


Remind is a free text messaging app that allows you to send messages to students and parents without having to share your actual phone number. You can schedule reminders ahead of time and it will allow you to see who has read your messages. Another feature of Remind is that it will translate into over 70 languages.

Facebook Page

Did you know that 75% of parents are on Facebook? What a great place to reach out and share what is happening in your classroom, on your team, or in your club. Creating a FB page gives parents, grandparents and the community the chance to “like” your page in order to get updates when you share a post. You can post pictures, videos, reminders and important dates to your page.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is an online behavior management system used to encourage positive student behavior and create a positive classroom culture. Students are given Dojo points for positive behavior and can connect parents by sharing photos and videos of classroom moments.

Written by Jeanette Carlson

What’s All the Buzz About Classroom App?

What’s all the Buzz about Apple Classroom?

In the latest iOS update, Apple rolled out Apple Classroom? What is Apple Classroom and how does it work?  Apple classroom is a game changer because it gives teachers the power to manage student iPads from the teacher device. Teachers have the power to

  • open apps on all devices
  • lock all devices into an app
  • lock all screens
  • send all students to a website
  • send individual messages to students
  • group students and manage each group of iPads separately
  • see a thumbnail of every student screen
  • AirPlay student devices
  • broadcast one student screen to everyone   

In order to use Apple Classroom, student and teacher devices need to be iPad 3, running 9.3.1 or newer and teacher rosters must be uploaded into our Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. We have 25 iPad Academy classrooms using the classroom app this fall. Curious about how Apple Classroom works? Talk to your Building Tech Coordinator to find out who is using it and schedule a visit. To read more about the Classroom App, see this article from Apple.

Written by Ann Feldmann