The Learning Never Stops with iPad Anchor Activities

What do they do when they’re done? This is a question that so many teachers have as they begin to let go of their classroom and students begin to take ownership of their learning. As students move at their own pace through guided instruction or learning activities they will inevitably finish at different times. One of the biggest fears of teachers is that students will have nothing meaningful to do during the transition time. This has always been a challenging moment unless they have an engaging task for students to work on while they wait for their fellow students. So, how do teachers continue the learning process for their students during these times?

The iPad offers multiple answers to this challenging moment for teachers. One of the biggest advantages of having iPads in the hands of our students is that anchor activities are right at the their fingertips. There are so many quality apps for different ages that allow students the opportunity to practice basic skills, review material, or even extend their learning acquire new skills. One advantage is that this can happen at the student’s own pace and level. Another advantage is that there is no prep time for teachers. Anchor apps can be used at any level, however, the use in elementary classrooms is particularly powerful throughout an entire day of transitioning between activities.

So what are some great apps that our elementary teachers are using to keep the learning process going during these times? Check out the list below and please comment on any apps that you feel our students should be using as well!

Math: Front Row Math, Teach Me Kindergarten/1st/2nd/3rd
Writing: Teach Me Kindergarten/1st/2nd/3rd, Handwriting Without Tears 
Reading: Front Row Reading, Epic, Raz-Kids 
Vocabulary Work: Keynote, Quizlet
Coding: Kodable, Lightbot, Hopscotch, Scratch Jr.

Written By Jeffrey Bernadt  |  @jeffreybernadt

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